Reasons to Elk Hunt in Missouri

Most hunters when they think of Elk hunting usually first think of Montana, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, and Wyoming. They don’t think of the state of Missouri. Missouri Elk hunting has a lot to offer.

Here are 3 main differences:

1. Odds of Harvesting an Elk

Both the Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain subspecies of Elk are examples of big game animals that are abundant yet hunted hard and managed primarily for quantity. The success ratio for taking a Trophy bull is about 4% out in states like Montana, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Hunters typically must allow for a minimum of 7 to 10 days of hunting, just to be part of that small percentage. Even if one hunts with a guide with an excellent reputation, there is no guarantee that they will take a Bull, and the cost will undoubtedly be very high.

With Missouri Elk hunting at High Adventure Ranch we can’t guarantee that every hunter who visits our ranch will walk away with an Elk; however, we can ensure that he/she won’t pay unless they are successful. We call this our "No Game, No Pay Policy". This means that if you're one of the very few hunters who don’t bag or wound an Elk, all you pay for is your lodging, meals, guide fees and hunting license!

2. License Costs & Odds of Getting Drawn

When you try to hunt in states out West, first you have to be drawn to get a License/Tag. The chances of getting an out of state Elk hunting license are very small. If you happen to be one of the very few that get one, you will be paying between $400 to $900.

The Elk hunting in Missouri at High Adventure Ranch, we guarantee your license. There are no drawings to hassle with. Our license is only $5 and will be filled out when you’re at the ranch.

3. Terrain

When you Elk hunt out West you might be hunting by horseback and/or walking many miles a day up and down steep mountains. Whether you are in shape or not, this is not very fun.

The terrain in Missouri is not as strenuous on hunters like in other states. There are no steep mountains to climb and no need to ride out to camp on a long horse ride when you hunt at High Adventure Ranch in Missouri.  The land consists of a lot of rolling hills with thick brush and timber. Your guide will take you out in a 4x4 pickup truck and then you will do a Spot and Stalk on foot. We can assist ALL hunters whether you are in great shape or have some type of limitation.