Elk Hunting Ranch - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located? Our Elk Hunting Ranch is located in Cook Station, Missouri in the Ozark Mountains, which is around 2 hours Southwest of St. Louis.

2. Where is the closest major airport to you? St. Louis Lambert International Airport

3. How large is your hunting ranch? Our hunts are done on over 2,000 acres.

4. When is the Rut? It usually happens the first part of October.

5. What is the normal hunting season? Cows- Late August through the middle of January & Bulls- Late August through the end of February

6. Is there a certain time during the Season that I can only use a certain type of weapon? No, you can use any weapon during any part of the Season.

7. Will my processed meat be frozen? No, but it will be kept in our walk in cooler until you leave. We have regular ice at our ranch that you can purchase. If you have a long drive or plan on flying, we can recommend a place where you can pick up Dry Ice.

8. I cannot get around in the woods like I use to when I was younger. Can you accommodate someone like me? Yes! Our guides work great will all hunters, even our older hunters. Our guides will go at your pace.

9. What if I don't kill an animal? If you don't wound or kill an animal, you will just have to pay for your 2 nights of lodging & meals, guide fee, license, and sales tax, which usually comes to around $500 for a single hunter.